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1-28-2004 – Elizabeth Thomas

January 28th, 2004 – Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas is a published poet who designs and teaches writing programs for schools organizations throughout the U.S. These programs promote literacy and the power of both the written and spoken word. As an outstanding advocate of youth in the arts, she is the founder of UpWords Poetry – a company dedicated to promoting programs for young writers. Check out her resource rich web site at UpwordsPoetry. (host – Alice-Anne)

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1-21-2004 – Mandingo!

January 21st, 2004 – Iyaba Mandingo
Stamford-based poet of the people Iyaba Mandingo speaks out with words that jab and pinch and make people squirm in their seats. Whether the message is political or personal, Mandingo has a way of pointing out the inequality and injustice that continue to divide this country’s judicial system, living quarters, jobs and schools. A native of Antigua, Mandingo paints canvases with the vivid beauty and bright colors of his homeland but, in his words, he is quick to note the tensions and trials caused by racism. Mandingo’s willingness to speak out takes special bravery, because, without citizenship, it made him an easy target for INS officials. Known for criticizing the U.S. aggression abroad, from slavery to the war on Iraq, Mandingo has maintained his position as an activist-poet, even after spending a month and a half in a Hartford jail facing deportation. The timing of the arrest, on April 17, was notable. Just five days previous he had given a rousing spoken word presentation as part of the Loft Artist Association’s Spring Fling event at the Rich Forum, including a poem called “9-11” which implied that the U.S.’s own terrorism abroad had brought the terrorists to its shores. (host – Faith)

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1-14-2004 – Charles Rafferty

January 14th, 2004 – Charles Rafferty
Charles Rafferty’s book The Man on the Tower was published by the University of Arkansas Press in 1995 after winning the Arkansas Poetry Award, and Where the Glories of April Lead was published by Mitki/Mitki Press in 2001. In addition, Charles Rafferty has several chapbooks out and placed poems in such journals as Massachusetts Review, DoubleTake, TriQuarterly, The Southern Review, The Underwood Review, Quarterly West, Washington Square, Connecticut River Review, Louisiana Literature, The Laurel Review, Poetry East, and Connecticut Review, as well as in an anthology published by Carnegie Mellon University Press-American Poetry: The Next Generation. He has received the Robinson Jeffers Tor House Prize for Poetry, the Brodine/Brodinsky Poetry Prize, and a grant from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts. He currently works as an editor for a technology consulting firm. (host –Cheryl)

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1-7-2004 – It’s all about us open mike night

January 7th, 2004 – Welcome to 2004 with IT’S ALL ABOUT US open mike night. 
This is a new feature program beginning in 2004. IT’S ALL ABOUT US is a night of open mike with no feature, which will allow for multiple rounds of open mike readings, one poem per round and keep going through the open mike list until we reach 9:30 p.m. This is YOUR night.(host – Alice Anne)

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2004 WNPS Host listing

.NOTE (3/2012): All pages in the “hosts listings by year” category were retrieved from the “Wayback Machine” of the using the url After 2007 the url was switched to and I can’t find any later host pages archived on that site.  These listings are not timely, and include outdated email addresses, websites and older pubcredits, etc.

W.N.P.S. curator and host: Faith Vicinanza
– founder and executive director of the Wednesday Night Poetry Series: poet, educator, visiting artist, editor, publisher, nature photographer, Information Technologies Consultant, I.T. Management Consultant, and web site developer. This site is an example of her (my) work.
Faith’s web site

Host: Peter Vicinanza
– out of work I.T. executive seeks second career as poetry host, WNPS today, Def Jam tomorrow.

Host: Alice-Anne Harwood
After abandoning her years of performance training from the State University of New York College at Fredonia, Alice-Anne turned her attention to her literary talents finding opportunities to work as a poet, playwright, publicity director, grant writer, editor, teacher and the proprietress of Harwood Research and Writing Services. She serves the research team at the PACE Center at Yale in editorial, public relations and administrative research support capacities while pursuing her studies in dramatic literature, history, criticism, and dramaturgy. In the little free time she finds remaining, she lends her voice to the Connecticut Choral Society, holds a seat on the executive board for PoetTs, Inc, and is co-editor of the Depot Anthology. She has a severe houseplant addiction and loves cooking, camping and the consumption of fine wines

Host: Chery Panosian-Haddad
– Cheryl Panosian-Haddad is an almost full time stay-at-home mom, an activist, a psychotherapist and poet. Her publishing credits includeArarat, Connecticut River Review, the Underwood Review and Memories From The Womb, a chapbook published by The New School. She lives in Danbury, CT with her husband Fadi Haddad and their daughter Jennah.

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