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3-24-2004 – Lisa Starr

March 24th, 2004 – Lisa Starr
Lisa Silverberg Starr spent her first full summer on Block Island in 1986, and hoped she’d never have to leave. In fact, she still resides there, where she owns and operates a 10-room inn (Hygeia House), with her husband, Champlin Starr and their two children. When she is not changing sheets or matching lids to sippy cups, she works as a freelance copywriter for a marketing/public relations agency based in Newport, RI, and teaches writing at the University of Rhode Island. Her first collection of poetry, Days of Dogs and Driftwood, was published in 1993 and her second book, This Place Here, was published in 2001. Her poems and prose have appeared in TheWorks, Quix Quarterly, Family Fun and most recently, Disney Magazine. She was the recipient of the 2001 Rhode Island Fellowship in Poetry, and hosts and facilitates prose and poetry writing workshops at the Hygeia House. At once grounded and set free by the various realities in which she lives, works and writes, Lisa Starr writes poems that dare to celebrate everything that is ordinary about our lives — jars of unused mustard, coupons, and even dishware from Stop-and-Shop are all considered fair game. Of course, they must jockey for position with more daunting issues like the rising tide, the kingfisher, an aunt’s surprise death a few days before Christmas and yellow roses, brand new, in late November. (host – Alice-Anne) 

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3-31-2004 – Susan Kinsolving

March 31st, 2004 – Susan Kinsolving
Susan Kinsolving’s third book of poems, The White Eyelash, was recently released from Grove Press. Her previous collection, Dailies & Rushes, was hailed as a remarkable debut by The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair and others. The book was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. She is the recipient of several fellowships, most recently from The Ledig-Rowohlt Foundation of Switzerland. The Glimmerglass Opera commissioned her lyrics for a cantata, and her poem “Dance Steps” was presented in a televised ceremony to the Queen of the Netherlands and later performed by the Baroque Choral Guild in four Italian cities. She has taught poetry at California Institute of the Arts, Chautauqua Institute, Willard Correctional Institution and the University of Connecticut.(host – Faith)

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3-17-2004 – Valerie Lawson

March 17th, 2004 – Valerie Lawson 
Valerie Lawson is co-host of the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge and coordinator of the Reach Out And Read literacy program at Brockton Hospital. Lawson’s poetry and photographs have been published in Aeolus, Main Street Rag, and other literary journals, anthologies, online zines, and the websites,,, the, DIAGRAM. A member of PEN New England, Lawson was awarded Up and Coming poet at the 2001 Cambridge Poetry Festival and has since traveled to Sweden, Ireland, and Germany to perform poetry. Lawson performed with the Off Broadway Poetry ensemble at Jimmy Tingle’s Theater in Somerville last autumn. As a coach, she helped bring a team of young poets to the Youth Nationals in Chicago in 2002. Lawson is a participant in Optimal Avenues, a mixed media cultural exchange between Massachusetts and Ireland, celebrating the United Nation’s International Decade for the Culture of Peace. She is also a contributor to the Culture of Peace Exhibit of Art and Poems that grew out of the Optimal Avenues exchanges. The Culture of Peace first appeared at the Boston Public Library and has been touring New England for two years now.   (host – Cheryl)

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3-10-2004 – Leslie McGrath

March 10th, 2004 – Leslie McGrath
Winner of the 2003 Connecticut Poetry Festival poetry competition.
(host – Faith)

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3-3-2004 Michael Fitzell and Faith Vicinanza

March 3rd, 2004 – Michael Fitzell and Faith Vicinanza
Faith Vicinanza is a poet, visiting artist, educator, event coordinator, literary publisher, newsletter editor, poetry editor, and workshop facilitator, the act of poetry and the art of poetry define her existence. You will find a wealth of poetry resources throughout her web site that she frantically tries to keep up to date, along with anything you might want to know about her.
Michael Fitzell Currently living in Yorktown Heights, New York, Michael Fitzell has been
writing poetry since 1989. Studied creative writing with John A. Wood and Robert
Olen Butler. Unpublished. With something like 24 jobs in his lifetime, from
produce aisles in supermarkets to hospitals, from teaching assistant to hack work
at major and minor corporations, Michael looks forward to the international
celebrity and untold riches his poems will earn him one day. This is his first
time as a featured reader. (host – Peter)

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