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6-30-2004 – Dana Sonnenschein

June 30th, 2004 – Dana Sonnenschein
is an associate professor at Southern Connecticut State University, where she teaches literature and writing. Her chapbook Corvus won the 2003 Quentin R. Howard prize and was published by Wind. Her poems have appeared in Amazing Stories, Appalachia, Blueline, Calapooya, Connecticut Review, Indiana Review, The Iowa Review, and other journals. (host – Faith)

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6-23-2004 – Sondra Zeidenstein

June 23rd, 2004 – Sondra Zeidenstein
Sondra Zeidenstein’s latest book of poems is Resistance, published in November, 2003 by Chicory Blue Press. A Detail in that Story and the chapbook Late Afternoon Woman are earlier collections. Her poems have been published in Women’s Review of Books, Ms Magazine, Lilith, Taos Review among other journals and have won awards. Her most recent anthology is Family Reunion: Poems about Parenting Grown Children, published in April 2003. In addition, she is editor of A Wider Giving: Women Writing after a Long Silence, two volumes of The Crimson Edge: Older Women Writing and Heart of the Flower: Poems for the Sensuous Gardener. Since 1987, Sondra Zeidenstein has been publisher of Chicory Blue Press, a small literary press that focuses on writing by women past sixty. To date, the press has published the work of twenty-five older women writers. Sondra Zeidenstein was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has a B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh, M.A. from Harvard, Ph.D. from Columbia. She taught literature at Bronx Community College, Tribuvan University in Nepal and Dhaka University in Bangladesh. She helped translate from Nepali the novel Blue Mimosa by Parijat She worked as advisor to the Bangladesh Government on issues related to the economic life of rural women. She co-authored a book called Village Women of Bangladesh: Prospects for Change (Pergamon Press). She was editor of Learning About Rural Women and co-editor of Learning about Sexuality (Population Council).   (host – Alice Anne)

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6-16-2004 – Rose Drew

June 16th, 2004 – Rose Drew
A politically active poet- anthropologist; she is currently sorting 500-year-old Peruvians at the Peabody Museum in New Haven, working on her Master’s in Archaeology at Yale, and parenting a daughter. She has sold refrigerators at Sears, drinks in bars, and science to 9-year-olds. Her work has been published in The Hartford Courant, The Connecticut River Review, The Fairfield Review, Poetic License, Ashes, Ashes , and Poetry Emerging, among others, in addition to a few short stories and trade articles. Her FBI file no doubt includes her recent rant on George W, included in the book One Hundred Days. Rose views just about any experience in life as a suitable subject, much to the horror of some, and the pleasure of others.   (host – Peter)

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6-9-2004 – Eddie Riviera

June 9th, 2004 – Eddie Riviera 
Eddie Rivera was born in the historic City of Paterson back in 1968. Immediately after, the hospital where his mother gave birth was torn down. A sign? A gesture signifying that no other child was worthy of being birthed in the same place? Who knows. The City of Paterson – home to such greats as Lou Costello, Allen Ginsburg, Guns and Trains (all of which Mr. Rivera has never written about) – has long since been considered an artistic and cultural hub for Northern New Jersey. It has its bad parts, as does any major city, with urine-stained pavement, rat-infested tenements, smelly homeless people and prostitutes. It is the prostitutes which Mr. Rivera frequently writes about. That and love and human by-products and flowers and art and food – normal everyday things. He has been published in Sensations Magazine … um, that’s about it – and has read/performed in various places including High Schools, Colleges, a fund-raiser for a homeless shelter, some shower stalls on the Jersey shore, a funeral, 2 weddings and on two radio programs – one being pumped through New York City’s public school systems (God only knows why they’d subject children to such torture) and one being the “longest running Dark Music radio show …” somewhere, New Jersey, the Country, the World – he doesn’t remember. (host – Cheryl)

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6-2-2004 – Vivian Shipley and Tony Fusco

June 2nd, 2004 – Vivian Shipley and Tony Fusco
Vivian Shipley,
editor of Connecticut Review, is the Connecticut State University Distinguished Professor. In 2001, she won the Robert Frost Foundation Poetry Prize, and the Daniel Varoujan Prize from the New England Poetry Club. In 2000, she won the Marble Faun Award for Poetry from the William Faulkner Society, the Thin Air Magazine Poetry Prize from Northern Arizona University and was named Faculty Scholar at Southern Connecticut State University where she teaches creative writing. She also won the Lucille Medwick Award from The Poetry Society of America, the Ann Stanford Prize from the University of Southern California, the Reader’s Choice Award from Prairie Schooner, the Sonora Review Poetry Prize from the University of Arizona, the So To Speak Poetry Prize from George Mason University, the Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize from Passages North, the John Z. Bennett Award for Poetry from University of Southwest Louisiana, and the Hackney Literary Award for Poetry from Birmingham-Southern College. She has published nine books of poetry including How Many Stones?, winner of the Devil’s Millhopper Contest (University of South Carolina-Aiken, 1998), Crazy Quilt, a 2000 Paterson Poetry Prize Finalist (Hanover Press, 1999), Fair Haven (Negative Capability Press, 2000), which was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, Echo and Anger, Still (Southeastern Louisiana University Press, 2000) and Down of Hawk (Sow’s Ear Press, 2001).

Tony Fusco 
will have his MS in Creative Writing from Southern Connecticut State University in January 04. He is the editor of Caduceus and has been editor of the Southern News. His poems have or will soon appear in: the Connecticut Review, Louisiana Literature, the Red Rock Review, The South Carolina Review, The Paterson Review, Freshwater Review, Folio, Elm, Long River Run, The Underwood Review, Twilight’s Ending, Laurels, Beanfeast, Vintage, and the Orphic Lute. His poetry has won prizes in several contests including: The Sunken Garden Poetry Prize, The Alan Ginsberg Poetry Contest, The Eve Cummings Poetry Prize, The Leslie Leeds Contest, The Southern Connecticut Graduate Poetry Contest, The Joseph Brodine Contest, The Wallace W. Winchell Contest, The Al Savard Poetry Contest, The Pete Hamill Writing Challenge, The Trumbull Arts Festival, The Milford Fine Arts Council, West Haven Council of the Arts, Poets of the Vineyard. He is a member of the Connecticut Poetry Society and the New England Poetry Club, and has served as contest judge for several organizations. Tony produces West Shore Poets a television poetry series at CTV. His poem “Harvest” was nominated for a Pushcart Award. Tony works for the Yale Medical Group and lives in West Haven.    (host – Faith)

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