6-9-2004 – Eddie Riviera

09 Jun

June 9th, 2004 – Eddie Riviera 
Eddie Rivera was born in the historic City of Paterson back in 1968. Immediately after, the hospital where his mother gave birth was torn down. A sign? A gesture signifying that no other child was worthy of being birthed in the same place? Who knows. The City of Paterson – home to such greats as Lou Costello, Allen Ginsburg, Guns and Trains (all of which Mr. Rivera has never written about) – has long since been considered an artistic and cultural hub for Northern New Jersey. It has its bad parts, as does any major city, with urine-stained pavement, rat-infested tenements, smelly homeless people and prostitutes. It is the prostitutes which Mr. Rivera frequently writes about. That and love and human by-products and flowers and art and food – normal everyday things. He has been published in Sensations Magazine … um, that’s about it – and has read/performed in various places including High Schools, Colleges, a fund-raiser for a homeless shelter, some shower stalls on the Jersey shore, a funeral, 2 weddings and on two radio programs – one being pumped through New York City’s public school systems (God only knows why they’d subject children to such torture) and one being the “longest running Dark Music radio show …” somewhere, New Jersey, the Country, the World – he doesn’t remember. (host – Cheryl)

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