7-7-2004 – Shijin V

07 Jul

July 7th, 2004 – Shijin V
(si-gin : Japanese for poet and V being the roman numeral for five – as in five poets, in this case five women poets.) Come check out this new performance troupe who owes its beginnings to Wednesday Night Poetry.
Dasha Walters is 25, lives with her parents in Danbury, CT and has turned to poetry instead of wallowing in self-pity. She enjoys kindness, pizza and martial arts…oh, and she also likes moonlit walks on the beach with the wind in her hair and a song in her heart.
Robin Sampson took the long road home to poetry and other persuasions of the written word after swearing off it as a teenager. Along the way she got a degree in geology, played bass in a bar band, became a wife and mother to 3 kids (20,16,10), counseled breastfeeding mothers, worked various odd jobs, took up gardening, archery and beading. Her publishing credits include The Book of Hope, The Company We Keep, and forthcoming in The Depot Anthologyand The Bitter Oleander.
Alice-Anne Harwood – after abandoning her years of performance training from the State University of New York College at Fredonia, Alice-Anne turned her attention to her literary talents finding opportunities to work as a poet, playwright, publicity director, grant writer, editor, teacher and the proprietress of Harwood Research and Writing Services. Co-host of multiple reading venues, her work can be found in numerous journals and magazines.
Mar Walker – singer, songwriter, sculpture, painter, wordsmith, actress, talent extraordinaire. She’s been known to make faces from clay, masks, and indulges in a variety of visual interpretations. She’s been known to make poetry, make music, and make an impression. Check out her web site at 
Faith Vicinanza is a published poet, visiting artist, editor, publisher, and Master Teaching Artist in Poetry for the Connecticut Commission on the Arts. Her most recent collection Faith Vicinanza’s Greatest Hits, 1994-2004 is forthcoming from Pudding House Press this summer.
— Come check out this new performance troupe and experience a 30 minute straight run through with five local favorites-not to be missed. 
(host – Cheryl)

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