2005 WNPS Host listing

01 Jan

NOTE (3/2012): All pages in the “hosts listings by year” category were retrieved from the “Wayback Machine” of the using the url After 2007 the url was switched to and I can’t find any later host pages archived on that site.  These listings are not timely, and include outdated email addresses, websites and older pubcredits, etc.

W.N.P.S. curator and host: Faith Vicinanza – founder and executive director of the Wednesday Night Poetry Series: poet, educator, visiting artist, editor, publisher, nature photographer, Information Technologies Consultant, I.T. Management Consultant, and web site developer. This site is an example of her (my) work. Check out her/my great adventure at

Host: Peter Vicinanza 
– out of work I.T. executive seeks second career as poetry host, WNPS today, Def Jam tomorrow.   Check out his next great adventure at

Host: John Jeffrey has a double degree in writing and literature and has spent his adult life trying to unlearn what he was taught. Since then he has won contests and awards for his fiction, his poetry, and his singing. Commercially, he has written advertising copy, technical papers, and currently works with the inscrutable poetry of computer software. He has also published illustrations, edited his college literary magazine, and once even wrote a comedy routine. Recently though, he has turned a serious hand to poetry and has begun circulating it for publication, so be wary.

Host: Alice-Anne Harwood – After abandoning her years of performance training from the State University of New York College at Fredonia, Alice-Anne turned her attention to her literary talents finding opportunities to work as a poet, playwright, publicity director, grant writer, editor, teacher and the proprietress of Harwood Research and Writing Services. She serves the research team at the PACE Center at Yale in editorial, public relations and administrative research support capacities while pursuing her studies in dramatic literature, history, criticism, and dramaturgy. In the little free time she finds remaining, she lends her voice to the Connecticut Choral Society, holds a seat on the executive board for PoetTs, Inc, and is co-editor of the Depot Anthology. She has a severe houseplant addiction and loves cooking, camping and the consumption of fine wines.

Host: Mark Mcguire-Schwartz sometimes imagines that he was raised by bears, and it shows. He believes that laughter is a gift to be shared. People often laugh out loud when they read his writings. Then again, they laugh at a lot of things he does. In twenty-seven years working as a bureaucrat in state government, Mark strove to raise the level of memos and emails to an art form. Mark is author of a short play, Meeting Arthur Miller, which was produced as part of the Short and NEAT program during the 2004 International Festival of Arts and Ideas, in New Haven. He has not yet been published in many national magazines, including Poetry, Story, and the New Yorker, and he has not yet won many prestigious and lucrative awards, including a Pulitzer Prize and a MacArthur Grant.

Host: Eli Cleary is a poet, amateur carpenter and landscape designer, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend of many names: Eli, Whit, Grace (although you may want to hide your good chine because she insists she is not graceful). Eli aspires to document the beauty and torment played out in her garden daily. if you stop by, you may catch her digging in the dirt, cooking up a recipe for a poem or stitching together unrelated thoughts but you probably won’t catch her sitting down for too long: too many unfinished projects.

Host: Chery Panosian-Haddad (currently on maternity leave) is an almost full time stay-at-home mom, an activist, a psychotherapist and poet. Her publishing credits include Ararat, Connecticut River Review, the Underwood Review and Memories From The Womb, a chapbook published by The New School. She lives in Danbury, CT with her husband Fadi Haddad and their daughter Jennah.

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