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Jan. 25, 2006 – Shijin


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1-18-2006 – Jive Poetic

January 18, 2006— Jive Poetic

From his hometown in Buffalo, NY to London, England, JIVE POETIC has ignited microphones with humorous wordplay and thought provoking verbal display. During a lengthy deliverance of revolutionary regression to teen suicide and sex, JIVE POETIC opts to teach the masses a lesson in life. His incentive? Watching the reaction of his listeners. And after winning his first slam in January of 2001, it was understood that his audience heard every word he said. Soon, JIVE POETIC began to season his art form through feature performances at local New York and New Jersey venues earning his stripes as a verbal connoisseur after rave performances at the Brooklyn Moon to Serengeti Plains. The University of Buffalo graduate would later return home to claim Buffalo New York’s Grand Slam title in 2002. A former member of the internationally recognized Tri-City slam team that won “The Cross The Boarder Slam” held in Toronto, Canada. Presently JIVE POETIC is a member of the Nuyorican Poetry Café’s National slam team.    (host – Dan DeRosa)

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1-11-2006 – Jon Andersen

January 11st, 2006 — Jon Andersen
Stomp and Sing is Jon Andersen’s highly-acclaimed debut book of poetry. The poems illuminate the concerns & aspirations of the new working class generation, and serve as an imagistic autobiography. Clear and direct, narrative & lyrical, they take us from mountaintops to local cafes, from lumberyards to town sidewalks, and range in theme from the impact of racism to the consolation of nature. Luis Rodriguez, author of Always Running, writes: “Jon Andersen’s poems sing of a life lived, devoured, explored, and awake. Who writes like this anymore? Oh, for more Jon Andersens in our midst, to remind us we are more complex, nuanced, and meaningful than many are daring to be.” Jon Andersen teaches at E.O. Smith High School in Storrs. His poems have appeared in numerous journals including Connecticut Review, Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, The Progressive, and Rattle.  (host – Victoria Muñoz )

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1-4-2006 – Welcome Back Open Mike

January 4th, 2006— Welcome Back Open Mike. Can you believe it’s 2006. I recall 1998, two years before the clocks rolled over to the year 2000, when I was employed working as a consultant to remedy computer systems that were not going to withstand the move into a new century (though, officially it was still the old century until January of 2001). I cannot believe it has been 8 years since that time. I cannot believe WNPS is in its 11th year. I cannot believe a lot of things. The older I get, the faster time flies. I know this is true for so many folks and if you’re going out of this world too fast for your own liking, be sure to pack as much meaningful (a matter of interpretation) moments into this short life as you can. Naturally, I would call poetry meaningful. Join us for the official kick off of another year of great poetry. This is your night, join us and kick off another year of living and another year of poetry. Bring a poem, a song, an instrument, your voice, your stories.   (host – Eli Cleary)

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2006 WNPS Host Listing

NOTE (3/2012): All pages in the “hosts listings by year” category were retrieved from the “Wayback Machine” of the using the url After 2007 the url was switched to and I can’t find any later host pages archived on that site.  These listings are not timely, and include outdated email addresses, websites and older pubcredits and several hosts who are deceased: (Peter Vicinanza, Terry McLain and Dan DeRosa)

W.N.P.S. founder, curator, and sometimes host: Faith Vicinanza  founder and executive director of the Wednesday Night Poetry Series, poet, educator, visiting artist, editor, publisher, nature photographer, Information Technologies Consultant, I.T. Management Consultant, and web site developer. This site is an example of her (my) work. Check out her/my great adventure at

Host: John Jeffrey – has a double degree in writing and literature and has spent his adult life trying to unlearn what he was taught. Since then he has won contests and awards for his fiction, his poetry, and his singing. Commercially, he has written advertising copy, technical papers, and currently works with the inscrutable poetry of computer software. He has also published illustrations, edited his college literary magazine, and once even wrote a comedy routine. Recently though, he has turned a serious hand to poetry and has begun circulating it for publication, so be wary.

Host: Mark Mcguire-Schwartz sometimes imagines that he was raised by bears, and it shows. He believes that laughter is a gift to be shared. People often laugh out loud when they read his writings. Then again, they laugh at a lot of things he does. In twenty-seven years working as a bureaucrat in state government, Mark strove to raise the level of memos and emails to an art form. Mark is author of a short play, Meeting Arthur Miller, which was produced as part of the Short and NEAT program during the 2004 International Festival of Arts and Ideas, in New Haven. He has not yet been published in many national magazines, including Poetry, Story, and the New Yorker, and he has not yet won many prestigious and lucrative awards, including a Pulitzer Prize and a MacArthur Grant.

Host: Victoria Muñoz brings her experience from running the music open mic to the poetry open mic.   The daughter of two Spanish-language poets, Victoria Muñoz has been an active singer/songwriter performing in Western Connecticut as well as in her travels. Though she is busy with her MusicTherapy practice she finds time to let her poetry surface and combines all three mediums when she can. She has featured her poetry on 2005, and continues to optimistically submit her poetry, along with the other 3000 poets, or more.    To find out more about Victoria, log on to www.victoriamuñ

Host: Dan DeRosa
Currently a full-time psychology major at Western CT State University, Dan hopes to work with young children with Autism once he graduates. He is a former member of the improvisational acting group the Melting Pot Players and once ranked nationally in competitive Judo. Dan says his writing is heavily influenced by Shel Silverstein, Dr Seuss and various “Old School” hip hop artists.

Host: Anthony Arlotta has a relatively large reservoir of thoughts and ideas that find no suitable outlet through casual socializing. In order to fully express his views in a socially acceptable fashion, Anthony turns to writing (essays, poetry & music). In his view, the purpose of writing is to concretize subtle neurological pathways that lead into some desired future. By vocation, Anthony is a Master-level teacher for The Princeton Review. For your daily supply of thought provoking information and music, plus your online open mic, visit

Host: Mar (Mistryel) Walker is a multimedia dilettante who creates the print calendar for WNPS and the weekly poster in the window at Molten Java. You can read her work online at the Metaphoratorium. Direct comments or questions about WNPS to her at

Poetry Hosts Emeritus

Host: Alice-Anne Harwood
– After abandoning her years of performance training from the State University of New York College at Fredonia, Alice-Anne turned her attention to her literary talents finding opportunities to work as a poet, playwright, publicity director, grant writer, editor, teacher and the proprietress of Harwood Research and Writing Services. She serves the research team at the PACE Center at Yale in editorial, public relations and administrative research support capacities while pursuing her studies in dramatic literature, history, criticism, and dramaturgy. In the little free time she finds remaining, she lends her voice to the Connecticut Choral Society, holds a seat on the executive board for PoetTs, Inc, and is co-editor of the Depot Anthology. She has a severe houseplant addiction and loves cooking, camping and the consumption of fine wines

Host: Chery Panosian-Haddad 
– (currently on maternity leave) is an almost full time stay-at-home mom, an activist, a psychotherapist and poet. Her publishing credits includeArarat, Connecticut River Review, the Underwood Review and Memories From The Womb, a chapbook published by The New School. She lives in Danbury, CT with her husband Fadi Haddad and their daughters Jennah and Julianna.

Host: Peter Vicinanza 
– out of work I.T. executive seeks second career as poetry host, WNPS today, Def Jam tomorrow.   Check out his great adventure at

Host: Dr. Jerry Brooker has had over 200 articles and poems published; was chairman of the English Department at Staples High School in Westport for over 25 years; and is very active in national and international peace and hunger community efforts with students from America and abroad.  Mr. Brooker is a Fullbright Fellow, has recieved the Peace and Understanding Award from the National Education Association, the Mahatma Ghandi-Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award from the Connecticut Education Association, two honorary degrees and other awards for humanitarian contributions, along with being inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame in 1998.   He has two books of poetry published and reads regularly throughout Connecticut.

Host: Eli Cleary is a poet, amateur carpenter and landscape designer, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend of many names: Eli, Whit, Grace (although you may want to hide your good chine because she insists she is not graceful). Eli aspires to document the beauty and torment played out in her garden daily. if you stop by, you may catch her digging in the dirt, cooking up a recipe for a poem or stitching together unrelated thoughts but you probably won’t catch her sitting down for too long: too many unfinished projects.

MikeSeriHost: Michael Seri was the WNPS host, besides Faith and Peter Vicinanza. He is a poet, a house painter, and a multimedia artist creating sculptures from found materials. You can view his artwork at his site DetritusArtAndDesign 

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