Feb 8, 2006 – Sou MacMillan

08 Feb

Spring Poems plus Sou MacMillan – combat the waning winter cold with poems of rebirth, warm weather, or anything that helps turn up your metaphorical collar to the cold for our weekly open mike. Sou MacMillan is a musician, artist, and writer who thinks of poetry as a much underestimated form of music, and believes strongly in the spirituality of art, considering performance poetry to be the canvas for the fusion of the body and the things we cant always see or touch. A veteran of the early and mid-nineties Columbus, OH indie music scene, she helped coin the term Tantrum Rock with band Pet Ufo (Burnt Sienna, Double Deuce/Caroline) while obtaining her BA in Russian Lit from Ohio State University. Honored as a winner of the 2004 Jacob Knight Award for Poetry, she resides in Worcester, MA with her husband and son. Her punk-rock coming of age novel, Chrysanthemum, is currently being serialized on For more information, check her website, linked from Sou MacMillan is an out of state poet and we pass the hat for out of state poets, so please consider giving a few dollars to help the poet get back home

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