2-21-07 Gerard Brooker

21 Feb

at Molten Java

A pen struggles
between stopping
on the table’s top, or
rolling onto the floor

It is a ballet dancer
teetering on
the tipping point,
a plate spinning on a stick,
caught in a tug between

balance and


I think of a spouse’s words
poised today on the edge
of hate, restrained by
emotional remants of
yesterday’s love,

families on the brink
of inevitable separation,
linking hands tight
like parachutists holding
the weave of things
before letting go.

reprinted from Gerard Brookers book
with permission


Jerry is a poet, novelist, peace activist, world-traveler, frequent reader in Connecticut, a retired teacher with two books of poetry and a novel to his credit, with two more novels under construction. He has over 300 articles and poems published; was chairman of the English Department at Staples High School in Westport for over 25 years; and is very active in national and international peace and hunger community efforts with students from America and abroad. Jerry is a Fullbright Fellow, has received the Peace and Understanding Award from the National Education Association, the Mahatma Gandhi-Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award from the Connecticut Education Association, two honorary degrees and other awards for humanitarian contributions, along with being inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame in 1998.

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