2/28/07 – John Bassinger

28 Feb

at Molten Java

Cottonwood County Collision Art

is a two-car corn-corner colla collage, compounded of diamonds of glass, rim-pinched grass and gravel, sand and stones, mixed with sixteen pints of blood and seven quarts of engine oil, spl splattering and texturing the s sprung black metal forms, lashe lashed about by barbed wire pip piping and flung halfway down a ditch and up the opposite side against the strong off vertical line of a telephone pole, shape shapes in the cars staring blan blankly out. Clashing essences of creosote rubber gasoline dus dust, crushed flowers and flesh and a close, damp smell of corn suffuse the air; the whole enve enveloped in a lucent moment of palpable silence born of motion motions too suddenly stopped.

This poem first appeared in the premiere edition
of the Underwood Review, by Hanover Press. in Spring of 1998.



BIO: John Basinger is a A Professor Emeritus of Theater and Sign Language at Three Rivers Community College, whose credits include a long-time involvement with the National Theatre of the Deaf, with which he has performed as actor and musician on several national and international tours, as well as on Broadway. He had a featured role in Paramount Pictures’ Children of a Lesser God, and has performed with the Long Wharf Theater, Hartford Stage Company, and the Manhattan Theater Club. John has been a Mellon Fellow in Theater at Yale University, is a nationally recognized storyteller, and is an active participant in the Poetry Slam movement, coaching a number of Slam Poets. He is the author of Benedict Arnold: A Brave Revenge, which had its inaugural production in Washington Park in Groton, Connecticut, in July of 2003.John Basinger started committing all twelve books of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” to memory in 1993. Since then, he has been performing them at a variety of venues across the country, including Poetry Alive in Asheville, North Carolina, Bluffton College, Wesleyan University, Yale University, Connecticut College, Southern Connecticut State University, Central Connecticut State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Avol’s Bookstore in Madison WI, the University of Redlands, Warren Wilson College, Manhattanville College. He has also performed at the Milton Academy in Milton, Mass., New London (CT) High School, and numerous living rooms, churches and theaters. In Middletown, CT, he has performed regularly at The Buttonwood Tree, Oddfellows Playhouse, the South Congregational Church, and Wesleyan University. He completed the memorization project with Book Twelve in 2001. The project culminated in a 3-day one-man performance of all twelve books at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, Connecticut. Come prepared to be extraordinarily entertained, amused, cajoled, inspired, and to fall in love.

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