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3/28/07 Terry McLain & Lee Keylock

Lee-Terry Scroll down for a poem by each poet


Older Brother’s Easter Advice

Plead Ignorance.
You get more crap
for another year, long
after the secular kids
are making do with a candy bar
or that little bag of M&Ms
we get in everyday checkout lines

Be their child
of stealthy habits
and you get to hear things –
more clues about why
we are on this earth
Faith makes sweet rewards
for children like you.



The Didicoys *

When they rolled into town and took over the vacant fields, Father Flynn warned us steer clear of their fast tongues and blades else you’d get what for from those tinkers of the boglands. Whenever they entered town, an air of unease swept the place, like an open gate to Lynchy’s field where his bull would charge us snorting, Doran, meself
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3/21/07 Shijin Poetry Troupe

Four to six poets, one seemless read. From ‘04 to ‘06 the group gave a dozen half-hour, off-the-page shows including the All Gallery, Long Wharf Theatre, Colony Cafe in Woodstock, and Bar Thirteen in Manhattan. For this reunion reading members are Alice Anne Harwood, Faith Vicinanza, Dasha Walters, Robin Sampson and Mistryel Walker. For more information on Shijin visit the Shijin Live website.

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3/14/07 John Jeffrey & Charles Rafferty


at Molten Java

Double Feature

FEATURE #1: JOHN JEFFREY, a past host of WNPS, present editor of the CT Poet, is software analyst from Waterbury, CT. Despite this, he has a double degree in writing and literature and has spent his adult life trying to unlearn what he was taught. He has published work in The Fairfield Review, Writer’s Journal, Conatus (a college journal), Byline, and Stolen Snapshots. He won various wins, places, and shows in contests by magazines such as Writer’s Digest, Byline, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, and the Conatus Award for Fiction. Mr. Jeffrey is a member of The Academy of American Poets. Click here to read Driving My Daughter and Wife, With Child, To the Airport by John Jeffrey in the Fairfield Review


FEATURE #2: CHARLES RAFFERTY, Charles Rafferty has published four full-length collections of poetry – The Man on the Tower (University of Arkansas Press, 1995), Where the Glories of April Lead (Mitki/Mitki Press, 2001), During the Beauty Shortage (M2 Press, 2005), and A Less Fabulous Infinity (Louisiana Literature Press, 2006). The last of these contains a poem subtittled “after John Jeffrey” (To read that poem, called ADVICE FOR BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS ENTERING A WORLD OF SCOUNDRELS by Charles Rafferty, click here then page down for the poem.) His poems have appeared widely, including American Poetry: The Next Generation, an anthology from Carnegie Mellon University Press, and Sonnets: 150 Contemporary Sonnets, an anthology from the University of Evansville Press. He has received a grant from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts. He lives with his wife and daughters in Connecticut.

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3/7/07 Tony Brown


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