Alan Gillott – a feature from the Arts Junction days

11 Apr

A Poem for Wedpoetry at Molten Java read there on this date.

Alan Gillott, who met poet Rose Drew at WNPS when it met at the Bethel Arts Junction later wrote this poem for what was our new venue at Molten Java. Alan and Rose are now married and run a poetry series in York, England. The photo is from a recent open myk at the new venue at the Blue Z Coffeehouse in Newtown.

Wednesday Night in Bethel

Walls of lime green and terracotta
frame the psychedelic tables
chipped painted chairs
where amongst the knitted scarves
joss sticks and children’s games
are For Sale Rosie the Riveter
and Sigmund Freud action figures
Freud framed in plum
a gray suit and beard
while Rosie with red bandana
close fitting denim coveralls
hefts her rivet gun
in action a soldier building ships
for victory

Freud stands still formally stiff
remembering his action seated
in a genteel withdrawing room
hysterical patients describing
empty circumscribed lives
husbands and mistresses
the foundation for his reputation
carved from intimacy
vivid imagination related
amongst arsenic laden green flock paper
now paled to lime green and terracotta
chipped chairs and psychedelic tables

Alan Gillott, Bethel Molten Java, April 11 2007


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