10/24/07: On Family, Parlato, Panosian & Chambers

24 Oct

Steve Parlato, an actor, illustrator, college lecturer and dad, Cheryl Panosian, a psychologist, former WNPS host and mom, and Frank Chambers, a CPA, a host of the First Tuesday Poetry series in Wilton and a dad — will all read poems about family after an open mike with the same theme.

A poem by Steve Parlato:

Blooms For Janet
My wife and I head home from the SICU,
where my mother floats in her new, state-
of-the-art bed, med-groggy, still tubed.
Janet can’t resist the thoroughbred question,
the one I can never quite mount or ride straight,
the one my family never really meant:
How are you? I’m okay. It’s effortless
translating vital into trivial.

As I merge past the Riverside on-ramp,
she says, Steve, I’m sorry about your mom.
I blink straight on and answer, Yeah, but her
color was good, knowing Janet’s offering
the larger sorry, the one that covers
the spinach and the fork, and all the tiny hurts
that wove this crown of thorns around my heart.

My beloved’s always risking pricked fingers,
peeling back my spiky vines to lay bare the
first fruits within, showing me what family
really is: canopy and trellis all in one,
my Trueheart, our two young Sweetlings.
Everything I need.


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