2/27/08 -Open Mic

28 Feb

The scheduled feature, Ralph Nazareth had to cancel due to family health problems. WNPS regrets the difficulties this poet is having and wishes the best to him and his family. An open mic will be held instead.


Stamford poet, anti-war activist and scholar, Ralph Nazareth was born, raised and educated in India and moved to the United States in 1968. His poetry lives in two invisible worlds supported with detail from both his Indian Catholic sensibility and his American experiences. He has worked in many parts of the country, devoting his time to raising his children, teaching, and the struggle for justice and peace. After spending most of his life supporting poetry and other poets, Ralph Nazareth has published his first book of poetry, Ferrying Secrets. Currently a Professor of English at Nassau Community College and the Managing Editor of Yuganta Press, he lives with his wife Linda in Stamford, CT. He is a ferocious critic of war, and volunteers his time to teach poetry to prison inmates and is also regular reader at a weekly reading series at Curley’s Diner in Stamford.
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