7/30/08 – Shijin

30 Jul

Dasha, Faith, Eli

Shijin – Six voices, six lives, one performance! Since 2004, this Connecticut-New York-area poetry performance troupe has given shows featuring a 30 minute seamless reading where one poem tucks into the one that follows it – as if they were written as one.


Mar, Alice Anne, Robin




A Poem by Robin Sampson: —————–

A poem by Dasha Walters:

The Good Samaritan The Morning Report
Wanting salvation
she shows her soft underbelly.
He reaches for his weapon
takes the mother knife
stabs it in
twists it then tells her
you did this to yourself
I just want to help

An hour goes by as I wait for you
listening to the familiar sounds
of muffled shouts, cries
slamming doors and shattered glass
you trip on your way out the front door
stumble down the steps
hurry to my waiting car
I put pedal to the floor
keep my eyes fixed on the road
away from the unfortunate mess
of bruises, blood, tears
turn up the radio against
the soft staccato of your crying.

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