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8/27/08 – First-ever WNPS SLAM! + an open mike

WNPS will hold its very first poetry slam on August 27th, 2008.

There will be a detailed explanation for those unfamiliar with the process.
Slams are, more or less, Olympic style readings where the poem and the performance are rated from 1-10 by a team of judges chosen from the audience. “The point is not the points,  the point is the poetry,” not sure who said this but it’s a quote from a slammer somewhere.
THE WINNER WAS SEAN FROM THE White Plains National Slam Team
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8/20/08 Mar “Mistryel” Walker

Mar Mistryel Walker

Mar "Mistryel" Walker


Align. Short-sheet the style.
Compile a while,
this depth of functional routine.
This comfortable loop
disguised with random alteration
and virtual choice: (Opportunity
or loss of voice?) No matter.
Non sequitur.


Mar Walker (aka Mistryel) — is a web site tweaker and multi-media tinkerer, odd-jobber, blogger, musican and artist. She is founder and editor of Bent Pin Quarterly, webmistress for WNPS, and a member of Shijin, a poetry performance troupe. She has one poetry chapbook Inverse Origami, the art of unfolding, and a multi-media blog, Her poems have appeared in The Common Ground Review, the Fairfield Review, X-Magazine, the Underwood Review, on the In Our Own Words website, etc.

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8/13/08 – Jim Whiteside & Eli Cleary


Eli Cleary


Jim Whiteside

Yes, Another Double Feature!

Jim Whiteside and Eli Cleary will take listeners down their differing roads. With two poets, two visions, all we need is a yellow wood….

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8/6/08 – Tess Bird & Lisa Butler

Two award-winning young poets who are Ct Circuit Student Poets – Tess Bird, and Lisa Butler, will give a joint reading.

Tess Bird is a Women’s Studies major with a concentration in Creative Writing at the University of Connecticut, class of 2008. Last year she studied in Glasgow, Scotland for six months, where she was able to pursue her love of the visual arts. At UConn she works in the Writing Center and is the editor of the Women’s Center Newsletter. Tess is interested in the intersection of visual art, writing, feminism, and culture, and in breaking the boundaries among them. After graduating this spring, she plans to travel for a year and then apply to MFA programs in Writing. Tess was born in Connecticut.

Lisa Butler is a Visual Fine Arts major at Manchester Community College. Lisa lived in Austria as well as China as an exchange student and toured the US and Mexico as part of a puppet theater from 1990-1993. From 2000-02, she was the Manager of Business Affairs for Jazz at Lincoln Center. Born in Bridgeport and brought up in Monroe, Lisa currently lives in Glastonbury and hopes to buy a house and convert the barn into a studio where she can work in metal, wood, ceramic, and plastic. Lisa’s poetry has been published in Shapes, the literary magazine of Manchester Community College, and in Freshwater. She has received Honorable Mention in the Freshwater Poetry Contest 2006 and First Place in the MCC Writing Contest for Poetry in 2006. She was chosen the Outstanding Young Poet at MCC in 2007. Lisa also received the Tessie K. Sharps Prize for an Essay on Friendship at Hunter College.

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