8/20/08 Mar “Mistryel” Walker

20 Aug
Mar Mistryel Walker

Mar "Mistryel" Walker


Align. Short-sheet the style.
Compile a while,
this depth of functional routine.
This comfortable loop
disguised with random alteration
and virtual choice: (Opportunity
or loss of voice?) No matter.
Non sequitur.


Mar Walker (aka Mistryel) — is a web site tweaker and multi-media tinkerer, odd-jobber, blogger, musican and artist. She is founder and editor of Bent Pin Quarterly, webmistress for WNPS, and a member of Shijin, a poetry performance troupe. She has one poetry chapbook Inverse Origami, the art of unfolding, and a multi-media blog, Her poems have appeared in The Common Ground Review, the Fairfield Review, X-Magazine, the Underwood Review, on the In Our Own Words website, etc.

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