9/3/08 – LABOR DAY THEME: great work if you can get it

03 Sep

HOST: Robin

Work takes more than we bargain for, sometimes it gives more too. Sometimes it pays. Sometimes we give it away to our families. Sometimes we give away our essential selves to corporate structures or family structures that simply don’t care.. Sometimes we are desperate to work anywhere at all, just to make ends meet, to pay for the roof overhead, to buy supper.

So for this open mic – bring your working papers – (poems, prose, etc)
Bring your workin’ blues and you not workin’ blues to share.

What do you labor at? What do you labor for? What kind of labor?
Do you work for money? For time off? For your own inner vision? For the love of what you do? Do what you love, the adage says… but what if you can’t? What if you HAVE TO TAKE ANY OLD JOB TO PAY THE RENT? WORSE what if you can’t find any old job and don’t have the rent….

So many questions for one open mic theme, Whatever the angle, labor is the topic

(Originally posted in May…. date changed to facilitate the order of events on this blog)
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