9/10/08 – Jean Jacques Poucel

10 Sep

Jean Jacques Poucel

Quiet simply invades

this warm and sunken hull,
ribs verging in
brightest blue tides
Halting almost this merry-go-round
of flower fish chasing the airy light

Stutter-lenses tripping each
second over the celestial blanket,
tricked by light speed
A fragment in self-admiration,
consciousness broken again but
whole-hearted in breaking

Like the discrete mind of a solitary
sea-turtle casting into dark
waters drained of her eggs
Your eye is stretching time’s
rubber-band again, irreverently
unwinding the clocks

Refreshingly, the load always seems
compressed tightest before release

Jean-Jacques Poucel is an Associate Professor of French at Yale University where he teaches courses in modern and contemporary literature. He is the author of Jacques Roubaud and the Invention of Memory (UNC Press, 2006) and co-editor of Pereckonings: Reading Georges Perec (Yale French Studies 105). He is currently writing a study of French lyrical poetry from the early nineties to the present. He has translated poems from the French by Espitallier, Roubaud, Hocquard, Alferi and Forte. According to Mr. Poucel, his own poetry is “unpublished and written somewhere between.”

NOTE: Mr. Poucel has made a special study of a technique called OULIPO which seeks to create endless poetic possibility via mathematics. Click here for an explanation of the technique on

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