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12/17/08 – GRINCH NIGHT

Economy got you down? Doing your shopping at Goodwill? Feeling grinchy and grumpy and in need of egg nog? Ahh – bring your disgruntled verse, your fractured carols. Sing in the season with the cynics. DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO…..

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12/10/08 – Poetry about or from Songs

Calling all poets, singer-songwriters, lyricists and those who love their words! It’s not about Barry Manilow but “WE SING THE SONGS” tonight – or we read them as poetry.  The theme is poetry as song lyrics, poetry about song, poetry in song – poetry and song…. !  You can bend it however you like…  Come and share the evening. Bring Poems, Stories,  Songs, Tales of Woe or of Healing, etc. As always, acoustic musical instruments, and small keyboards are welcome.
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12/03/08 – Faith Vicinanza reads Rumi

Fresh from slamming at the Bushnell with some of the finest legacy slammers in the region, fresh from reading at Confluencia at Naugatuck Valley Community College, and from a Shijin Performance at ArtWell, on this night WNPS Founder Faith Vicinanza will dedicate herself to reading poems by Rumi. Come and hear this extraordinary performer spin out Rumi’s work in a different way.

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