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1/28/09 – Cancelled for Ice Storm

Weather cancellation: Rescheduled to 4/1/09:

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1/21/09 – CT Slam Team Slam + open myk

(you know Dan – the Haiku SLAM CHAMP from last week)

SLAM winner was Mar Walker
Consider slamming, the Olympic-style poetry recitations… with judges, and decimals.
” The point is not the points. The Point is the Poems!” – a famous slam quote I can’t remember who said it…
There will also be a short open myk….
and Keep scrolling , we are planning far ahead….
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1/14/09 – Haiku SLAM!

SLAM Winner and Haiku King was Dan DeRosa in a final round with James Joseph

HOST: Faith

Oh a little can mean a lot. Battle of the bits. Come and throw hiaku at the wall as Faith Vicinanza holds a Haiku Slam. The form is Five syllables in the first line, Seven syllables in the second and Five again in the third line. YES YOU CAN WRITE HAIKU. DO IT.

Each round of poetry is the best of five haiku between two poets. Poets battle against each other until one poet is left standing. Five judges. A new haiku each time. Bring every haiku you have! Write some on the spot if need be. As many as 25 haiku may be needed to win the slam – go for it!!!!!!

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Poems of intention for the new year

What do intend for the new year? Make it a poem, say it with metaphor! What can you bring into being for the future? Intentions can be personal, political, community, poems for peace, poems for happiness, so forth and so on You can write your own intentions and you can also read a poem or poems by some of the great writers of the past.

As always, you can read for the theme or you can read whatever poem is on your mind.

Come and join us to comtemplate the future…
You can also hear

** Because of conflicts with the White Plains Slam at the Westchester Arts Council, the Haiku slam originally scheduled for this date has been moved to Jan 14th **

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