2/4/09 – Polly Brody

04 Feb



Miniature galaxies assembled
on my windshield–
this morning’s frost glittering
between the sun’s eye and mine.
Entranced, I could not put on
the wipers, could not erase
that startling beauty.

Hayden’s musical geometry poured
from the CD within my dashboard.
My ear heard, and my eyes saw
syntax: themes obedient
to inherent physics.
Across the curving glass
those icy clusters scattered,
each singular lattice programmed,
as was each note.

I left my drive, turned south,
the frangible rime dissolved;
glass cleared, gave back a view
of ordinary Main Street.


Polly Brody’s most recent collection is called, “At the Flower’s Lip,” (Antrim House 2007) and it has been called a “chapbook of passionate poetry.” She is also the author of two earlier publications: “Other Nations,” and “The Burning Bush.” Polly has been published in many literary journals including THE SPOON RIVER POETRY REVIEW, THE MIDWEST QUARTERLY, THE CREAM CITY REVIEW, NORTHEAST MAGAZINE, etc. She has twice received the Winchell Award from the Connecticut Poetry Society. She was the 2005 winner of the “Connecticut River Review” Poetry Prize. In 2006, she was awarded third place in a national competition judged by Wesley McNair. Polly has been a finalist in the New Millennium Writings competition. She reads widely in CT and the greater metropolitan area

We also know she has been an active advocate for the environment has traveled widely in Europe, East Africa, Australia and South America. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Mount Holyoke College. After returning to school in mid-life, earned a Masters Degree in Biology from Southern Connecticut State University. In addition to the honors above in 1994 she was selected to read at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, and has been a past presenting poet in the New England Foundation for the Humanities series, After Frost: Poetry in New England.

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