4/15/09 Rose Drew

15 Apr

Rose Drew

Classic Example

An arcing rainbow of a bruise,
pulsing purple-yellow-red
rising to salute this failure
in choice in men,
alcohol as mental-health management,
careers. Does she gaze into her rum&cokes for answers,
does she startle when her teenaged boss disrupts her thoughts
of music and of angry men
and landlords banging on the door for quiet
She has not pressed charges
refuses orders of protection
and puts him on the phone to speak for her,
unable to explain
why she is unimportant

She circles round the backyard with the shopping cart,
wishing for a decent car
and knowing he will never let her have one

He’s in charge,
and shows who’s boss
and bosses her until she’s just too drunk
to care
he does not care

Folded in upon herself
an origami girl of paper plates and paper cups
sadness drowned with hate and shame
at fevered skin
pulsing, purpled, welting
unredeemed by fan or alcoholic coma

where in dreamless desperation
she fends him off forever.

© 2003 rose drew
previously published in 2003 by
Palimpsest: Yale Literary& Arts Magazine.

Rose Drew is a bio-anthropologist who works with human skeletons. She is currently living in York England in (never-ending) pursuit of a PhD. Her day job consists of interpreting lifestyle and behavior from skeletal remains; but at night she can be found reading her poems anywhere there’s a myk and a gathering of people. She has been told her poetry is “too dark”, whatever that means. She has been published in anthologies, journals, newsprint, books. Rose has been hosting a poetry open myk either in CT or York for over 6 years: where else can you give running commentary and a monologue every single month?


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