5/20/09 – Ralph Nazareth

20 May


I’ve seen
glass blowers
stretch little

into much.
Such is my hope
for words—

blowing syllables up
to hold a world
close to breaking.

HOST: Faith
Ralph Nazareth was born and educated in India. He crossed over to the West when young Americans were flying east on their tragic mission in Vietnam. His poetry explores his movement between worlds.

He is a professor of English at Nassau Community College, New York, where he leads PeaceWork, a group committed to peace and justice issues. He is also a volunteer teacher of writing in the CMHS program at Green Haven, a maximum security prison in New York. As Managing Editor of Yuganta Press in Stamford, CT, he has overseen the publication of over twenty books of poetry by writers from all over the world. You can watch a video interview with him currently on this Week’s Ben Pin.


For his latest published work, please go to Muse India: Literary Journal at A Ralph Nazareth essay on imagination

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