6/3/09 – Norah Pollard & a Favorite Poem Project Reading

03 Jun

Norah Pollard

This week, we have something of a double feature: Norah Pollard (see below), and a community reading ofAmerica’s favorite poetry which is a part of the Favorite Poem Project started by Robert Pinski in 1997 when he was poet laureate of the United States.

So bring a poem NOT YOUR OWN – a masterwork poem by a famous poet – hopefully one that sparked your interest in poetry, or that speaks to you in some deep way. During the open myk which precedes Norah Pollard’s reading you will get to share your favorite masterwork poem. Is your taste Longfellow, Whitman, Sandburg, Poe, Shakespeare, Clifton, Ashberry ? Whatever your favorite famous poem bring it to share with our Wednesday Night Poetry Community. 

According to Atrium House, poet Norah Pollard, who holds an M.A. in English from the University of Rhode Island, has been variously “a folk singer, waitress, nanny, teacher, solderer, and print shop calligrapher. She currently works for a Bridgeport steel company. In 1983 she received the Academy of American Poets Prize from the University of Bridgeport, and for several years was editor of The Connecticut River Review. She lives in Stratford, Connecticut.”

She’s also daughter of “Seabiscuit’s” jockey, Red Pollard, and has written a collection of poems called “Leaning In” from Atrium House, (after you click, then page down for poem samples from the book), which speak to her early life, as well as about her father. The book has excellent reviews from Dick Allen and Rennie McQuilkan among others. If you miss the reading, you can order her book directly from Atrium House by calling 860-217-0023.


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