7/22/09 – Susannah Lawrence

23 Jul


On the Androscoggin,
ice imitates life, its gray luster buckling
under the thumb of time and weather until
the river gets what it wants
like the seventeen year old who
muscles into your party, draws everyone into her current, trashes the place;

and, in spite of yourself
you’re glad to see her;

she picks up the pace, turns on the jokes, throws sex in the punch;
she’s like the start of a rodeo
when the 4-H girls gallop in, all shocking pink and white
fringe, holding six foot flags streaming out behind palominos,
whose muscles surge under glossy skin
like water in spate – girls perched on a thousand pounds of power

as if they owned it,
and you want,
between your knees,

palomino – and a clear run, all the way to the river.


Susannah Lawrence is a passionate and active environmentalist and has been for many years. She is a member of the Monday Poets of Litchfield, and of a Block Island Poetry Peer Review group. She says she writes poetry ” to see what can happen out of my life.” She lives and works in Norfolk, CT.

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