7/29/09 Dog Days of Summer Open Myk

30 Jul


Too hot? (We assumed it would be hot by now…. So what’s with the lack of heat and all the rain anyway?) Ok, just imagine you need cool. Get your iced poetry right here! This open myk is dedicated to the memory of past water fights, of restless heat sleeping, of working and sweating, or taking vacations, or not taking vacations because of the ecomony or dogs in the lake or the bathtub, lawn mower trials, squirrels inside, skunks under the porch, kids running wild, of gardens and lemon-aide stands, air conditioners that break, or odes to parts of the world where it’s too hot in other ways, ice caps that melt, etc, etc. As always, though we like to keep the theme, you can really read anything you are hot and bothered to read to us!!! Sign up starts around 7:45 or whenever the host puts out the signup sheet! Usually, in our open myk, readers get three poems or five minutes. But on a theme night, sometimes the sign up list is called up twice, so bring poems! Come down and get in the hot seat! WOOF!
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Posted by on July 30, 2009 in * Past Theme Nights


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