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9/30/09 – Cortney Davis

Cortney Davis

Cortney Davis, a career RN, and nurse practitioner and award winning writer and poet has written numerous volumes of poetry and prose. She is the poetry editor of Alimentum: the Literature of Food (  

Cortney has a new poetry chapbook called, “Conversion / Return,” coming out in August from Finishing Line Press. The poems are all religious and very personal, documenting first her conversion to Judeaism, then to Catholisim. The book is $13 at Finishing Line, and click on new releases. Visit her website at Read Cortney Davis talking about her writing process
Then It Was Simple*

You walked up Sylvandell Drive
Father would be home soon,
easing the gray Plymouth into the one-car garage,
and Mother, who was always home,
was cooking meatloaf with its two
sizzling strips of bacon. Snow stung your face,
snow crunched beneath your boots, and the glow
from Pittsburgh’s steel mills hung in the sky.
In such a place, in 1955, Mary could appear to you
casually, leaning out the neighbor’s window—
a blue domestic angel with a movie star face,
round arms crossed on the sill, her brown hair
in a friendly page boy. She smiled, you smiled back,
grounding you, and the frozen snow and the whirl of gravity
holding you, and Mary,
as if she were not from another world,
so happy to see you.

*(First appeared in her book Leopold’s Maneuvers)




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9/23/09 – Jean Sands

Jean Sands’ poetry has been published in literary journals, anthologized, and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She is also a journalist, reviewer, and correspondent whose interviews, essays, and feature articles appear in regional and national publications as well as online. Jean has served as a poet in the schools and has taught poetry and creative writing to adults throughout northwest Connecticut for over twenty years. In addition, she edits novels and non-fiction books for private clients and occasionally offers writing tutorials. Read some sample poems

From the website of Antrim House Books:

“In her first full-length poetry collection, Gandy Dancing, Jean Sands has pulled out all the stops. The utter honesty of this compelling book is shocking and welcome. ” Poets’ comments on the book include:

  • Cortney Davis: The poems in Jean Sands’ debut collection, Gandy Dancing, are straightforward and strong, revealing and transformative.”
  • Honor Moore: Gandy Dancing is an extraordinary first book, the narrative of an American Everywoman….”
  • Dick Allen: Not an image or sound is out of place. Almost every poem clicks shut, is an illuminated and illuminating scene, so honest….so frighteningly lacking in self-pity, it makes the reader say, ‘Yes, damn it, this is unflinching, this is what it’s like to be beaten and survive, this is how our lives are.’”
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9/16/09 – Will Nixon

Will Nixon

Will Nixon


Never mind your replacement, the airplane.
You’ve pulled lightning from the sky,
tickled your legs blue with St. Elmo’s fire.
You’ve bathed in cold fog, shed icicles
like thousands of earrings. You’ve whistled
through hurricanes, watched meteors
scratch the black dome in every direction
without leaving a trace. You’ve ignored
wars. You couldn’t name a president.
You’ve chaperoned two generations of trees.
You’ve tolerated thousands of visitors
climbing the zig-zag of your spine
to stand inside your empty square head
& believe they see what gods see.

–Will Nixon

Will Nixon‘s book, My Late Mother as a Ruffed Grouse (FootHills Publishing), offers poems inspired by his experiences growing up in the Connecticut suburbs, then living in Hoboken and Manhattan as a young man, and finally moving to a Catskills log cabin. His previous chapbooks are When I Had It Made (Pudding House) and The Fish Are Laughing (Pavement Saw). His poems have also appeared in many journals, including Rattle, The Ledge, Slipstream, Wisconsin Review, Tar River Poetry, and others. He occasionally hosts a poetry segment on WDST’s Sunday morning radio talk show, “The Woodstock Roundtable.” As a journalist in the past, he was a contributing editor to The Amicus Journal, published by the Natural Resources Defense Council, and a correspondent for The Adirondack Explorer. More recently, he has been writing a series of “Walking” columns for the Woodstock Times with Michael Perkins, a fellow poet. His work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and and listed in The Best American Essays 2004. He now lives in Woodstock. To find out more or read a sample poem visit

“Will’s poetry is rich with references to the natural world, autobiographical tales, and the rewards of contemplation,” according to a post on Stamford Poet Mikhail Horowitz said, “Will Nixon’s narrative poems strike a rare balance between a child’s wonder and a skeptic’s dry, knowing assessment….”

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9/9/09 – Open Myk & Workshop

HOST: Faith
Ngoma Hill had to cancel his appearance at Wedpoetry. A workshop will be held instead…

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9/2/09 – Chris Bolster

HOST: Mark

Chris Bolster’s first poetry collection is out through – it’s called Dangerously Metaphorical. He’s read at our open myk and he won a slam here as well. We’d tell you more but Chris has been away working as theater director at a boy summer camp, and out of computer access…   There is a YouTube Video of  an open myk reading he did at Molten a while back.

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