9/30/09 – Cortney Davis

30 Sep

Cortney Davis

Cortney Davis, a career RN, and nurse practitioner and award winning writer and poet has written numerous volumes of poetry and prose. She is the poetry editor of Alimentum: the Literature of Food (  

Cortney has a new poetry chapbook called, “Conversion / Return,” coming out in August from Finishing Line Press. The poems are all religious and very personal, documenting first her conversion to Judeaism, then to Catholisim. The book is $13 at Finishing Line, and click on new releases. Visit her website at Read Cortney Davis talking about her writing process
Then It Was Simple*

You walked up Sylvandell Drive
Father would be home soon,
easing the gray Plymouth into the one-car garage,
and Mother, who was always home,
was cooking meatloaf with its two
sizzling strips of bacon. Snow stung your face,
snow crunched beneath your boots, and the glow
from Pittsburgh’s steel mills hung in the sky.
In such a place, in 1955, Mary could appear to you
casually, leaning out the neighbor’s window—
a blue domestic angel with a movie star face,
round arms crossed on the sill, her brown hair
in a friendly page boy. She smiled, you smiled back,
grounding you, and the frozen snow and the whirl of gravity
holding you, and Mary,
as if she were not from another world,
so happy to see you.

*(First appeared in her book Leopold’s Maneuvers)




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