12/16/09 – Grinch Night & a worksop at Blue Z

16 Dec

HOST: Faith   Can’t afford Chrismas this year?  Sick of  one day of sentiment that you pay off in installments for 11 months? Got the NO JOB, NO CASH, NO CHRISTMAS blues?  Did the big bad  Grinch take everything? Are you sick of GIMME GIMME GIMME materialism? Or do you know for sure that coal will fill your stocking?  Maybe you want to be an ELF and cheer people up…..

WELL THEN — Bring your fractured carols, you stale fruitcake, your rhyme of the reasonless season!  You can read cynical Xmas verse, dark poems from the Christmas coal mine, or  bring Santa sacks of good will .  Whatever you got, we got an ear… err We HAVE an ear or rather ears. So come, celebrate or kavetch. Either way – BE THERE!

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