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Jan 27th, 2010 – RETURN OF THE HOSTS at Blue Z


You can see some video from the evening at

The blurb was as follows:
Following our open myk, (which will be one poem a poet for tonight only) the feature for the evening is a gaggle of present and former Wedpoetry hosts doing their own song and dance act. err, wait no, their poetry (also one poem each). And we have quite a pack of present and former hosts. I understand that at least 13 of these folks (scroll down!) will be reading. Absent, retired and deceased hosts may be represented by a reading of one of their poems. COME AND FIND OUT WHICH PAST HOSTS ARE READING!!!

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Jan 20th, 2010 – Sympetalous at Blue Z

Sympetalous the younger




For an account of this great feature click here



Direct from the 60’s, wild-eyed poet-guy Sympetalous will read his own all-natural hipster beat poetry.

The following poem is what Sympetalous sent as a bio:

A mild mannered reporter
for The Subterranean Homesick
News hears the call of fate and suddenly
awakes Some Velvet Morning when he’s straight
then starts to sway and write this way for no
apparent planetary reason save the
subtle motion of a Deep Blue Moon
and the Red Dwarf Stars…

And all the while a Whirling Earth performs
one full ellipsis around an ever Sacred Sun and soon
bright pulsing words from Pipes of Pan now rise & soar
and hang a bit about a pointed space filled with heat & light
and pairs of eager ears open wide to vivid minds
some even willing to shoot the rapids
and then float the calms
of this Stream o’ Con

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Jan 13th, 2010 – “Found Poem” Workshop at Blue Z

Derek Crofut

The workshop in progress

Workshop was conducted by host Derek Crofut.

“poetry is everywhere, just keep an open mind and a pair of scissors.” -anon.

This workshop was very well attended and folks seemed to really enjoy it.

Left you can see our host at his hosting duties, and below one of several tables working on their “Found Poems.”

The Workshop Blurb: We’ll be proving this quote on Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 2010 at our first workshop of the new year led by one of our newest hosts, Derek Crofut. We’ll be creating found poems of our own as we explore the hidden meaning of the everyday word. We will be rearranging passages from newspapers, cook books, and other non-poetic texts.

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Jan 6th, 2010 – Haiku Slam at Blue Z

This is a HAIKU SLAM after the open mike. The Slam mistress is Faith Vicinanza

Faith says bring 30 or 40 haiku!!  There is a prize for the slam winner – $10 plus some poetry chapbooks.

Five — Seven— Five  that is the form..

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