Jan 20th, 2010 – Sympetalous at Blue Z

20 Jan

Sympetalous the younger




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Direct from the 60’s, wild-eyed poet-guy Sympetalous will read his own all-natural hipster beat poetry.

The following poem is what Sympetalous sent as a bio:

A mild mannered reporter
for The Subterranean Homesick
News hears the call of fate and suddenly
awakes Some Velvet Morning when he’s straight
then starts to sway and write this way for no
apparent planetary reason save the
subtle motion of a Deep Blue Moon
and the Red Dwarf Stars…

And all the while a Whirling Earth performs
one full ellipsis around an ever Sacred Sun and soon
bright pulsing words from Pipes of Pan now rise & soar
and hang a bit about a pointed space filled with heat & light
and pairs of eager ears open wide to vivid minds
some even willing to shoot the rapids
and then float the calms
of this Stream o’ Con

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