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Feb 24, 2010 – Laurel Peterson

Laurel S.Peterson


LAUREL S. PETERSON, is editor of the literary journal Inkwell. She holds an M.A., in Writing from Manhattanville College and is a professor of English at Norwalk Community College (NCC) and an adjunct in the graduate school at Manhattanville College where she teaches expository and creative writing, and interdisciplinary courses in the arts.

At NCC, she co-founded the Fairfield County Women’s Center and acted as Director in its inaugural year, as well as starting a a women’s studies program at the college, which she chaired for four years.

Her poetry has been published in The Atlanta Review, The Baltimore Review, The Distillery, Poet Lore, SLAB, The Rio Grande Review, The Texas Review, Thin Air, Yankee, and others. In 2006, she was a finalist for the John Ciardi Prize in Poetry for her poetry manuscript Mud Never Forgets. Her poetry chapbook, That’s the Way the Music Sounds, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press (July 2009). Visit her webpage at Read her poem “The Museum of Jesus’ House.”

Laurel is also a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Associated Writers and Writing Programs (AWP), has written a newspaper column on history for Gannett Suburban. She says though New York City is her favorite place on earth, she and her husband, poet Van Hartmann, a live in Connecticut and Vermont, where she gardens, cooks, walks in the woods and, in the winter, reads by the fire.

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Feb 17, 2010 – the 5-minute DADA poem – a workshop

Creating the 5 minute poem.

Workshop conducted by Louise Sieviec.

This was an exercise in creative spontaneity. In five minutes all present wrote and wrote. When time was up, each person picked their best line and added to a single notepad, then the note book went around a second time, and Louise called it  DaDa TaDa!

Here is the text as supplied by our workshop leader Louise:   You can play with the original lines below and make your own version. When you are done, post it  as a comment on the bottom of this page.

A terrific workshop Louise! People seemed to really enjoy this one!


DaDa  TaDa

All that is routine is this routine  (TG)

You have breathed a soul through these ribs (DC)

With silver shins, platinum thighs (MW)

I choked (LS)

We’ve lost our past and don’t care much for the future (JW)

Snow so deep it covers all my carefully placed stones (ED)

To love someone you must have someone to love (LK)

It reminds me of how brilliance is spontaneous, and that there is a warmth to darkeness (T)

And then there’s the NYC scholar who consumed McDonald’s as well as any elite patte-sucking briefcase

Gathering up spontaneity where I am stuck (CpH)

Your binding my tongue and I wish I could meet your gaze and hold it.

Every soft delicate press of your lips

Breathe music into the sea; make steam of the sea with this song

Give to me what writings you have to declare

I love drinking outside, especially when the moon and the stars provide cheap magic tricks

Clearing out inner dialogue (CpH)

With the slight of an edge, footing and medal were lost & I learned that life is really a crap shoot (TG)

The burden and the challenge of historical time. (JW)

A couple of crows are having a long distance conversation

Roses represent beauty, purity of love (LK)

The rosin of his lips, saved the strings of me

Toast the color of compost, red notebook, blue ink (MW)

I am at a loss of words around you, you confound me and impound my words like mutts of the streets.

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Feb 10, 2010 – SNOW DAY, NO POETRY


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Feb. 3rd, 2010 – Colin Haskins at Blue Z

Colin Haskins

Poet  Colin Haskins has six books of poetry so far, all by  Ye Olde Font Shoppe: No Kisses,Mandlebrats, Sinspiration, Judas Goat, The Bones and Habitual Intemperance. His new book, Drinking of You, will be coming out this year.

Besides writing poetry, he likes to keep readings going around the state. He’s served as executive director of the Riverwood Poetry Series, poetry director for the Wood Memorial Library, the Durham Public Library, the Avon Free Public Library The Buttonwood Tree and for One Soldier, One Poem Memorial Reading at Portland Middle School. In 2011 he founded the Free Poets Collective.

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2010 Hosts listing


Note on the Host listings:  This 2010 listing was retrieved from a computer backup file. No pictures were stored with it however. I have added this oil pastel sketch of the hosts that year. However, they are way better looking than this. Listings from 2007 and earlier were retrieved from the Wayback Machine at using the url (WNPS used after that year.)

Faith: Founder of  the Wednesday Night Poetry Series I am a poet, avid gardener, amateur photographer, Ms. Corporate by day, grandmother by night, poet always, with four collections in print and working on my fifth collection of poetry and a memoir.” Also see

Mark: says he imagines he was “raised by friendly bears, and it shows.” Mark is a host as well as Wedpoetry’s steering committee chair. His new chapbook of poems is “Loss and Laughs, Love and Fauna,” and his short play, Meeting Arthur Miller, was produced as part of the Short and NEAT program during the 2004 International Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven. His work has appeared in The Whatever Journal,, The Fairfield Review, the Connecticut Law Journal and in Bent Pin Quarterly, etc. Mark is also a co-host, co-director of pi New Haven’s 3rd Thursday Open Mic< at the Institute Library, and involved with a poetry group in Gilford.

Robin: host, bookings coordinator, cat herder, director of daily stuff, editor of Poetry Liner Notes, is an aspiring novelist, reader, inquirer into the gritty, beautiful business of life, nature and geology. Robin is a member of the Shijin-SubQ, a performance poetry group, and the Marathon Critique, a writer’s group. Her work has been published in the New Verse News, The Book of Hope, The Company We Keep, The Hat City Free Press, & Bitter Oleander, in Poets Against the War, Wicked Alice and Bent Pin Quarterly. Her website is

Mar: (aka Mad Mar or Mistryel)” I ‘ve been coming to Wedpoetry for 15 years, from it’s very first venue at the Book Review in Newtown. I am a host, web-mistress, and sender of the weekly email update. I have a poetry chapbook called Inverse Origami – the art of unfolding and a blog

Ernie, a host  spins out yarns and philosophy inspired by the wonder of the outdoor world, walking and working in the woods, sampling fine beer, and admiring women, particularly his girlfriend! Ernie is a hard-working fair-minded egalitarian woodsman. This is the bio.

Louise a host – “I write because it provides relief from social anxiety. I don’t always enjoy it. It’s like being drawn to bad boys. Do I really want to know what makes me tick? I am no quitter. I believe there’s great comradeship to be had in listening to other people’s work. It’s where you don’t need a green card, upbringing, private schooling, money, pets, or good appetizers. Even people who don’t read or write poetry are in it, whether they know it or not. I have a sneaky side.

Moriah, a host: “I am a book writer, letter sender, drummer, chanter, dancer, film-goer and ocean reveler. I invoke and evoke the energetic power of healing words as a cosmic travel agent. Poetry performs with me as a storyteller, children’s theater director and medicine wheel teacher,” Moriah says.

Lisa Marie, a host says she is: “a lover of literature and stories, has been writing since she was a little girl. She’s working on a play, chapbook, memoir, and many other works. After obtaining her BA in English, she began tutoring at a local learning center. Her ultimate passion is to become a creative writing teacher in which she hopes to, one day, ‘provide inspiration and motivation for all listeners and writers.’ Lisa advocates overcoming any social constraints that may occur to original thinkers with ‘ingenious perspectives.’

Derek a host says he “is a child and a father, a writer and a reader, a musician and a listener. He believes in cycles. His publishing house, upton thoroughfare, believes in beauty. His blog, l:fe,unfurl:ng, keeps track of all this. He is the digital sky, he says.


John, a former host of Wednesday Night Poetry, and the former editor of the CT Poet Newsletter. His fiction and poetry have appeared in journals such as The Fairfield Review, Bent Pin Quarterly, and the Connecticut River Review, among others, and he has read at numerous venues around CT and NY. Years ago, John earned a double degree in writing and literature, but says he has spent his adult life trying to unlearn what he was taught.

Dan– a former host and slam master, is a nationally vetted slam poet who served on the 2008 White Plains Library Team, and a 2009 psychology graduate of Western CT. State University who works with Autistic children. He’s gone to graduate school in Florida. We hope to see him again soon!

The late Peter Vicinanza, a former host, and long-time supporter who died Oct. 4, 2007, was a major sardonic wit who didn’t believe in soft-pedaling reality. Peter often worked as a consultant, was an entrepreneur, a Vice-President of Information Technology at various corporations and a victim of multiple buyouts and take-overs with subsequent down-sizings. Around 1996 he took over hosting duties for a year to give his wife (WNPS founder Faith Vicinanza) a rest for a while when the series was still at Doctor Java’s Caffeine Emporium in Bethel and she was its only host. Later, he was a willing participant in a 2,000 mile bicycling trek, an UtterFolly blogger, a poet & prose writer of memoir – particularly his days growing up in old New York. Peter’s work has been in The Connecticut Review and in Bent Pin Quarterly. He was an honorary member of the Shijin-SubQ and we miss him still.

The late Terence Steward McLain: 5/24/51 to 11/24/08 A former host ,Terry joined the series around 2003 or 2004, proved himself to be a man who thought deeply about both life and poetry. He often read not only his own surreal poetry, but poems by vetted “great” poets of many schools and would offer biographica sketches of the poet right along with the poeml. He was a former exec at a relocation company, then at an online electronics re-seller. He was divorced, had two sons he spoken of with great love. During his time at WNPS he lived in what he called, “the stony ex-urbs of CT” in the “penthouse of a stable” where two goats, five horses, and six cats also lived. He occassionally putup out-of-state poets like Jack McCarthy at his diggs there. Terry was a member of the Marathon Critique and attended the Housatonic Friends Society. His death at 57 years of age, in Nov. of 2008 left us all scratching our heads, blowing our noses and wondering why.

Victoria, a former host:I am a singer/song writer and poet, music therapist on my days off. My work has been published in various small presses and also in the text-book, Stories from the Other Side, Thematic Memoirs, and in Bent Pin Quarterly. Other works include chapbooks, During Your Reading and Scenes From Nature, Five Poems, translations my Father’s poetry; and a collaborative CD of the Not Just ANY Tom, Vic and Terri Poetry Ensemble. I currently host the Calling All Poets Series at the Silas Bronson Library (Waterbury, CT).

Anthony, a former host when the series was at the Bethel Arts Junction. Anthony, a psyh graduate from WCSU who has moved out west, is better known as RECONSIDERATE, a composer of eclectic electronica with wildly ironic lyrics. Visit for a sample or signup for his offbeat philosophy emailing list. He has a dramatic reading style. No one sleeps through his poems.

Eli, a former host, poet, organizer, facilitator, a software/open source liaison, an avid gardener, a safeharbor for cats, a sister, auntie, friend, often sarcastically called Grace. Eli is founder of the The Sleeping Giant Poets Guild in Hamden, a co-host of the pi New Haven 3rd Thursday poetry series at the Institute Library in New Haven, and a member of Shijin-SubQ. Her work has appeared in Caduceous and Bent Pin among others

Alice-Anne, a former host, singer-song-writer whose band Document 183 has featured at WNPS, is theater graduate, a professional grant-writer, gourmet cook, and a member of the Shijin-SubQ and of Marathon Critique. She is director and co-host  of pi New Haven 3rd Thursday poetry series at the Institute Library in New Haven. Her work has appeared in Caduceous and Bent Pin among others.

Cheryl, a former host, poet, and licensed psychotherapist was winner of the first annual WNPS Halloweenie party and costume contest at Doctor Java’s Caffeine Emporium – which she attended dressed as Sylvia Plath, complete with a cardboard oven over her head. Yes she has a great sense of humor. Her poetry revolves around family and her Armenian heritage. Of late, she has been teaching writing workshops at Founders Hall in Ridgefield. Cheryl has two lovely, lively daughters and hubby who keep her very busy.

Jerry, a former host, is a retired Staples High School (Westport) English Department chair, poet, novelist, award-winning peace-activist has multiple honorary degrees and has written several books of poetry and several novels. This photo is from his teaching days. Now Mr. Brooker sports long hair and flannel! Check out his memorable costumed spoof on YouTube called: “Taking Off Emily Dickenson’s Clothes.” performed while the series was at the Bethel Arts Junction.

Mike, a former host, a sculptor, poet, painter & traveler was with the series from its days at Doctor Java’s Caffeine Emporium. He was instrumental in finding the Bethel Arts Junction, a venue which WNPS called home for quite a few years. Though he doesn’t come to poetry much these days, he can often be found having mid-morning coffee or an early lunch Molten Java. He also loves to attend lectures at the New School in New York City.

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