Feb 17, 2010 – the 5-minute DADA poem – a workshop

17 Feb

Creating the 5 minute poem.

Workshop conducted by Louise Sieviec.

This was an exercise in creative spontaneity. In five minutes all present wrote and wrote. When time was up, each person picked their best line and added to a single notepad, then the note book went around a second time, and Louise called it  DaDa TaDa!

Here is the text as supplied by our workshop leader Louise:   You can play with the original lines below and make your own version. When you are done, post it  as a comment on the bottom of this page.

A terrific workshop Louise! People seemed to really enjoy this one!


DaDa  TaDa

All that is routine is this routine  (TG)

You have breathed a soul through these ribs (DC)

With silver shins, platinum thighs (MW)

I choked (LS)

We’ve lost our past and don’t care much for the future (JW)

Snow so deep it covers all my carefully placed stones (ED)

To love someone you must have someone to love (LK)

It reminds me of how brilliance is spontaneous, and that there is a warmth to darkeness (T)

And then there’s the NYC scholar who consumed McDonald’s as well as any elite patte-sucking briefcase

Gathering up spontaneity where I am stuck (CpH)

Your binding my tongue and I wish I could meet your gaze and hold it.

Every soft delicate press of your lips

Breathe music into the sea; make steam of the sea with this song

Give to me what writings you have to declare

I love drinking outside, especially when the moon and the stars provide cheap magic tricks

Clearing out inner dialogue (CpH)

With the slight of an edge, footing and medal were lost & I learned that life is really a crap shoot (TG)

The burden and the challenge of historical time. (JW)

A couple of crows are having a long distance conversation

Roses represent beauty, purity of love (LK)

The rosin of his lips, saved the strings of me

Toast the color of compost, red notebook, blue ink (MW)

I am at a loss of words around you, you confound me and impound my words like mutts of the streets.

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