March 24, 2010 – Marianela Medrano Marra & Spring Open Myk

24 Mar

Marianela Medrano Marra

Marianela Medrano-Marra was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, and has lived in Connecticut since 1990. A poet and a writer of non-fiction and fiction, she holds a PhD in psychology, a professional counselor’s license and certification as a poetry therapist.

Medrano offers workshops and readings in various venues in Connecticut, New York and other parts of the country. Her poetry, rich with imagery and metaphor, often deals with women’s issues. In her workshops, she combines literature, psychology and spirituality to help others find new ways of knowing the wholeness of human beings.

Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines in Latin America, Europe and the United States. The following are her individual publications: Oficio de Vivir (1986). Santo Domingo: Editorial Buho, Los Alegres Ojos de la Tristeza/Happy Eyes of Sadness (1987). Santo Domingo: Editorial Buho. Regando Esencias/ The Scent of Waiting (1998). New York: Alcance, Curada de Espantos/One Who Has Seen It All (2002). Madrid, Spain: Ediciones Torremozas.

An Urban Sadness Converses with Ours

Leagues and leagues of blue sea
without a voice
a sound to guide us
Names also forgotten
confused in uncertain accents
there were bats in the caves
to guard our names in the Guayabas
Also turtles and sacred trees
-surfaces to write them on-
That was before we drowned
before the wind swallowed us
There are no statues of our ancestors in Manhattan
and we have forgotten how to use wings
Yet inside there is a bright Zemi­
signaling a point of light
A voice sings in the sun
our bodies move towards the unkown.

From Goddess of the Yuca (unpublished)

Translated from Spanish by the author and Reggie Marra

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