April 21, 2010 – Workshop “the Seventeen” & Open Myk

21 Apr

Workshop conducted by host Mark McGuire-Schwartz:

Mark Mcguire-Schwartz

The Seventeen Writing Workshop: The Seventeen is a brand new poetic form cooked up by that wild guy to the left. <—- It is so new, in fact, that it is still in development. Workshop attendees will learn about some of the characteristics of 17’s, and how to write a one. If you are coming and wish to participate bring the following items with you: • Paper & pen, • Scraps of unfinished poems, • Old lines that were cut from poem but still have some serviceable life in them, • Some notes on things that you’ve been thinking about lately, • Some jottings about things that amuse, • Scribbles about things that annoy or anger, • Dreams, • or whatever.

Still wondering why you should attend this workshop?

Here are the top 17 reasons:

17. It will provide a fresh approach to writing that will enhance any poetry that you write!
16. You missed a chance to the first man on the moon. This may be your last best chance to be a pioneer!
15. So much more complete than a 14!
14. It will give insight to some of what goes into writing avant garde poetry!
13. It will open new avenues of approach to writing poetry by providing new ways to examine a subject.
12. Hey! You never know! It just might be something . . .
11. Stevens found 13 ways to look at a Blackbird. Just 13, my dear Wallace? I scoff!
10. So much more concise than a 19!
9. You did not have the opportunity to be one of the first people to write a sonnet, or a haiku, or a villanelle. Hmmmmmmm . . .
8. It’s crazy! It makes no sense!
7. Limerick writers, break out of those humdrum days and dreary nights slaving over rhymes for Nantucket!
6. Haven’t you ever wanted to write in a form that is the square root of 289?
5. Maybe it will be raining that day!
4. Workshop attendees will get a significant price break on the first book of 17s, when it is published later this year.
3. It’s fun!
2. Hey, your taxes are done; What better do you have to do?
1. It just may be the way to world peace!


You should have been there! We had fun with this!

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