June 9, 2010 – Appreciate What is Open Myk

09 Jun

This week’s open myk is at the Blue Z, and we will be at the Blue Z until the end of June.

Stuff got you down?  But you have some fellow human-beings,  food to eat,  a roof over your head, enough change to buy a coffee on Wednesday nights and enough gas to get to poetry……    Look out of your window, go outside, go for a walk.  Smell the air after a thunderstorm, look at the vivacity of the green life all around you. Brew up a cup of tea. Think – you aren’t sleeping on the side of a road yet, and so what if poetry is moving – for now we have a great venue and will have another great venue soon – SOOOO bring your poetry of APPRECIATION! LIFE IS.  LET US SAVOR IT!

No one signed up, so the for Sunken Garden trips are canceled.

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