Oct 13, 2010 – Jack Powers

13 Oct

Jack Powers



JACK POWERS’ poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Inkwell, Atlanta Review, Cortland Review, The Ledge, The Connecticut River Review and Naugatuck Review and other magazines. He teaches special education and English at Joel Barlow High School and lives in Fairfield, Connecticut with his wife and three children. He was the CCTE Poet of the Year in 2005 and the NEATE Poet of the Year in 2009.

Translation *

I confuse the names of Polish poets
blending all into one name beginning
with Z and ending with i, one poet
with a range of styles and voices
that stun me, the idiot American,
imagining a country of one or perhaps
two – a north Pole and a south Pole
churning out astonishing poems
somehow translated into my dumb tongue
and I wonder: How? Did they rhyme
or consonate in the original Slavonic
sz’s and slaw’s and ski’s? How
can the music travel across such
closed borders? How much
is creator and how much courier?

And how can I thank both for each
smuggled artifact, en- and decoded
intelligence that traveled so far

* Previously published in The Ledge

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