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Nov. 24, 2010 – Giving Thanks Open Myk

What are you grateful for?  A job, especially these days?  Family?  Friends?  An unexpected letter from someone dear to you?  The colors of autumn?  Your sporty convertable on a spring day? A good night’s sleep?  A smile, perhaps from a stranger?  The unbridled enthusiasm of a grandchild at seeing you — grandma, grandpa, abuelo, grand-mère, babička, nana… Bring poems of gratitude, join us for our annual Giving Thanks open mike.

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Nov. 17, 2010 – Lori Allen

Lori Allen

L. N. Allen (Lori Negridge Allen), long-time wife of the current Connecticut Poet Laureate Dick Allen, wrote poetry through her high school and college years, but began their marriage writing fantasy and literary fiction. One of these stories won Grand Prize in the annual Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Competition. Others appeared in such journals as The Louisville Review, The Madison Review,    The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and The Twilight Zone.

She’s the co-editor of Looking Ahead: The Vision of Science Fiction (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich), and has published non-fiction in The New York Times, as well as works on alienation and self-discovery, and on the history of science fiction.

After raising two children, when she began teaching English at the University of Bridgeport her continually published stories shrunk to short shorts, than to prose poems, then finally to poetry, both formal and free verse–returning her to first love.

Lori’s new poems can be found in The Cream City Review, The Southern Review, Tundra, Margie, Tar River Poetry, Connecticut River Review, Caduceus, among others. She’s an accomplished reader, presenting both humorous and serious poems.

Currently, L.N. Allen is preparing for publication her first collection of poems, tentatively titled Small Pictures.

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Nov. 10, 2010 – Julia Morris Paul

Julia Morris Paul

Julia Paul practices law by day and poetry by night. She is a popular featured reader at venues throughout Connecticut and, although her modesty almost prevents her from saying it, she has been referred to as a powerhouse. Her poems have appeared in a variety of journals, among them: RUNES, Connecticut River Review, Broken Bridge Review, Common Ground Review, and Caduceus. Her prize winning work appears in anthologies, including the award winning anthology, Lavandaria: An Anthology of Women, Wash and Word and has been selected to be performed by the East Haddam Stage Company.

She is active in the poetry community, serving on the boards of the Connecticut Poetry Society and Riverwood Poetry Series, LLC, the latter of which sponsors readings and an annual five day poetry festival at venues throughout central Connecticut.

Julia is an attorney in a private practice in Manchester with an emphasis on elder law, mother to three sons and juggles, literally and figuratively. Her youngest son thinks it’s important to say that she wrestles alligators every morning but she does not see the relevance of mentioning that.

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Nov. 3, 2010 – Rose Drew & Alan Gillott

Rose Drew

Alan Gillott

This trans-Altantic husband and wife team  now live in merry Old England, but were once regulars here when Wedpoetry lived at at the Bethel Arts Junction.

Read Classic Example a poem by Rose

Read Wednesday Night in Bethel a poem by Alan

Rose Drew is from Florida, Connecticut, Florida again, and lately York England, pursuing an elusive PhD. Her day job consists of analyzing human skeletons. Rose has co-hosted one poetry open mic or another for about 8 years and across two countries, and has enjoyed about twenty featured spots,including Lincoln (UK), Miami, New York, old York, and Bethel, CT.  Rose has been published in books, newspapers, journals, magazines and on-line forums; and she has edited or co-edited four books of poetry and prose for her small press Stairwell Books. The latest book is on the railways.  When Rose thinks of trains, she can sense the sway of the carriage, hear the swoosh of the tracks, and feel the expectation of going—somewhere; to see—someone; on a trip far more pleasant than by car, and far more civilized than by plane.

Alan Gillott says he is a poverty stricken poet and musician who’s favorite composers are Messien, Shostakovich and Benjamin Britten. He enjoys reading, photography, Provenance and Archaeology. With his wife Rose Drew he runs a poetry series called The Spoken Word and have a small press called  Stairwell Books.

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