Nov. 3, 2010 – Rose Drew & Alan Gillott

03 Nov

Rose Drew

Alan Gillott

This trans-Altantic husband and wife team  now live in merry Old England, but were once regulars here when Wedpoetry lived at at the Bethel Arts Junction.

Read Classic Example a poem by Rose

Read Wednesday Night in Bethel a poem by Alan

Rose Drew is from Florida, Connecticut, Florida again, and lately York England, pursuing an elusive PhD. Her day job consists of analyzing human skeletons. Rose has co-hosted one poetry open mic or another for about 8 years and across two countries, and has enjoyed about twenty featured spots,including Lincoln (UK), Miami, New York, old York, and Bethel, CT.  Rose has been published in books, newspapers, journals, magazines and on-line forums; and she has edited or co-edited four books of poetry and prose for her small press Stairwell Books. The latest book is on the railways.  When Rose thinks of trains, she can sense the sway of the carriage, hear the swoosh of the tracks, and feel the expectation of going—somewhere; to see—someone; on a trip far more pleasant than by car, and far more civilized than by plane.

Alan Gillott says he is a poverty stricken poet and musician who’s favorite composers are Messien, Shostakovich and Benjamin Britten. He enjoys reading, photography, Provenance and Archaeology. With his wife Rose Drew he runs a poetry series called The Spoken Word and have a small press called  Stairwell Books.

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