August 10, 2011 – Andrea Barton & Martina Crouch

10 Aug

August 10 – Andrea Barton & Martina Crouch

Martina Crouch

Andrea Barton

Martina Crouch is one of quadruplets born to Nigerian-American parents. She was invited to read at the 2009 Sunken Garden Festival for Fresh Voices when she was a Danbury High School senior. At that time, her work had been published in her school’s literary magazine and she attended the New England Young Writers’ Conference in Vermont. Martina is now a student at Yale, class of 2014.

Andrea Barton is a mother, a daughter, a poet, and English teacher, and an editor, in that order. Her work has been published in Labletter, The Cleave Webzine, The Lewis and Clark Literary Review, and most recently was included in Ray Bechard’s latest book: The Berlin Turnpike: The True Story of Human Trafficking in America. In the fall of 2010, her chapbook, Leaves Pasted Akimbo was released, and she is pleased to know that it is being used as text in an English classroom in Windsor, CT. Andrea runs a monthly, first Monday series called GotPoetry Live II in Willimantic where she hosts features from all over the east coast, and an open mic. She lives inGlastonbury with her 7 year old daughter, some cats and a whole bunch of woods.

.A poem by Martina Crouch:

Welcome to my aviary.

Before entering, note:

1. Never bring your birds in here; overcrowding will awaken this system’s
need to purge and all
its cannibals.

2. Build no nests. Their scavenged aluminum throws the sun like
silver and I’m fooled into thinking my trash valuable. Don’t clot
my bones with a heavier home than mine.

3. If you can’t deal
with flight, hot eyes, or swallowing only seeds,
leave. Here
only flowers will climb from your throat
or broken notes
from a song you don’t remember.

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