August 24, 2011 – Song Lyrics/Poems by Joni Mitchell

24 Aug

August 24th – song lyrics/poems by Joni Mitchell. Read ’em or sing ’em.

Where were you when you first heard a Joni Mitchell song? What nostalgic memories rush back when you hear her unmistakable voice? What song of hers were you obsessed with?

Come join us for a Joni Mitchell open mike night. Read her lyrics, sing them, bring a guitar, read a poem inspired by her music/words, or a poem that relates back to a time, for those of us around back then, when she gave you something you could not name but you knew you needed. Aug 24th, WNPS The Garage, Newtown, CT (Photos are of a battered Joni Mitchell songbook, well used, broken binding, well loved…..)

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