The Wednesday Night Poetry Series, RIP WNPS

07 Feb

From 1994 to 2011, the original Wednesday Night Poetry Series offered a weekly poetry celebration. The format included an open mic, a featured poet and a writing workshop. During all those years, through many different venues, WNPS welcomed poets, spoken-word artists, writers, (memoir, fiction, literary, plays, blogs etc) monologists, storytellers, songwriters, musicians (acoustic) and also  – listeners!   Attendees were invited to read their own work  or works by their favorite writers.  We were a a small, warm, friendly environment that gave an encouraging start to many first-time readers & poets!   The series never limited its focus to one kind of poetry. Featured readers included both well-known “page” and “stage” poets from academia, slam and everything in between.

In 2011 the series changed its governance, hosts and web-editor. It continued for one more year, using a mainly a workshop format with sporadic features. The last feature, on September 26, 2012, was Neil Silberblatt who went on to run the Voices of Poetry Series.

Check for that final year. RIP WNPS.

For an ongoing weekly series check out Poem Alley which meets in Stamford at Curley’s Diner.


Posted by on February 7, 2012 in Notes on WNPS


2 responses to “The Wednesday Night Poetry Series, RIP WNPS

  1. Rolf Maurer

    August 10, 2013 at 5:04 am

    Here is a PoemAlley blurb of Faith’s appearance today at 6 pm at the UU Society in Stamford as part of the Cafe Night program:

  2. MM Walker

    September 10, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    Thanks for posting that Rolf. Haven’t visited in a while.


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