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Nov 30, 2011 – Leonard Cohen Song Night / Workshop

Nov 30 – Leonard Cohen Lyrics Open Mic followed by a  workshop

Read a poem inspired by a Leonard Cohen song. Read the lyrics or just sing one. Or read a poem you wrote while listening to Cohen’s gravely emotive delivery… Or read anything else you want….

After the open mic Derek will offer his take on found poems, so bring a pair of scissors and an open mind.  “We’ll explore accidental poetic sources by cutting into old books and newspapers with the hopes of stringing together snips of image and phrase to create something beautiful.” Source texts will be provided.

To expand on possibilities for future found poetry  we can write at home, at the end of the evening Jamie B. will challenge us to write a source-based found poem. Hers are based on published interviews with famous musicians, and they both cite and comment on the original source material in an interesting way. It should be a great evening of poetic possibility.

Please be aware that due to “copyright considerations” The Found Poem Review only considers poem submissions that contain information about the source materials used to create the poem – so note your sources!


Oct. 26th, 2011 – Halloween Bash with Costumed Open Mic

Oct 26 – The Annual Halloween Bash with Costumed open mic!

The Witches of East Wicky Poo are chanting up something  frightening or conjuring a dead poet or two, spinning spider webs into masks or possibly into the annual Wedpoetry Halloween Bash with costume contests in various categories (to be announced) – prizes – chocolate HALLOWEEN POETRY! Woohoo!
We are casting a spell – YOU WILL VISIT Wednesday Night Poetry tonight in a COSTUME or be turned into  (gasp) RHYMING METERED VERSE!
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Oct. 12 – Open Mic with a twist – The Mashup

Oct 12 –  Open Mic Mashup

Tonight we offer an open mic with a twist. Tonight’s Open Mic “MASHUP” involves this senario: Read two of your own poems and one poem by the person next to you – or one from a chapbook or collection. Some will be on hand to choose from.

The panel talk tonight will be rescheduled due to cancellations by two of the panelists. Ahh well, the best made plans of poets….


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August 24, 2011 – Song Lyrics/Poems by Joni Mitchell

August 24th – song lyrics/poems by Joni Mitchell. Read ’em or sing ’em.

Where were you when you first heard a Joni Mitchell song? What nostalgic memories rush back when you hear her unmistakable voice? What song of hers were you obsessed with?

Come join us for a Joni Mitchell open mike night. Read her lyrics, sing them, bring a guitar, read a poem inspired by her music/words, or a poem that relates back to a time, for those of us around back then, when she gave you something you could not name but you knew you needed. Aug 24th, WNPS The Garage, Newtown, CT (Photos are of a battered Joni Mitchell songbook, well used, broken binding, well loved…..)

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August 3, 2011 – “Just Us” open myk

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