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Nov 30, 2011 – Leonard Cohen Song Night / Workshop

Nov 30 – Leonard Cohen Lyrics Open Mic followed by a  workshop

Read a poem inspired by a Leonard Cohen song. Read the lyrics or just sing one. Or read a poem you wrote while listening to Cohen’s gravely emotive delivery… Or read anything else you want….

After the open mic Derek will offer his take on found poems, so bring a pair of scissors and an open mind.  “We’ll explore accidental poetic sources by cutting into old books and newspapers with the hopes of stringing together snips of image and phrase to create something beautiful.” Source texts will be provided.

To expand on possibilities for future found poetry  we can write at home, at the end of the evening Jamie B. will challenge us to write a source-based found poem. Hers are based on published interviews with famous musicians, and they both cite and comment on the original source material in an interesting way. It should be a great evening of poetic possibility.

Please be aware that due to “copyright considerations” The Found Poem Review only considers poem submissions that contain information about the source materials used to create the poem – so note your sources!


May 18, 2011 – Workshop

May 18 – Found Poem Workshop

Sometimes the best poems aren’t written, they’re discovered,” asserts host Derek Crofut, who featured last week. He will be running a found poetry workshop on May 18th. “We’ll explore the accidentally poetic sources of normally mundane texts, with the ambitions of stringing together snips of image and phrase to create something beautiful.   Source texts will be provided.   Bring a pair of scissors and an open mind,” Derek says.

Due to “copyright considerations” The Found Poem Review only considers poem submissions that contain information about the source materials used to create the poem so note your sources!

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March 2, 2011 – Priming the Pump – a writing workshop by Faith Vicinanza

Faith Vicinanza

Faith Vicinanza

A writer’s life can be defined as inspiration, ideation, perspiration, creation, publication.  This night is devoted to two of those facets – inspiration and perspiration.  Priming the Pump will be a one hour writing workshop – five writing exercises that will get the creative juices flowing, followed by a fifteen minute writing period where you take one of those quick starts and work on it.  A share will follow.  Then we close out the evening with a poetry critique circle, bring a finished work, ten copies, for a round table discussion of what works and what may need a bit of attention about your poem.  You are welcome to sit in without bringing a poem to share.

Faith Vicinanza will faciliate the writing program.  Ms. Vicinanza is a widely published poet and has been facilitating writing programs for children and adults for over fifteen years.

As always, this was a great time, and lots of useful writing starts!

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June 16, 2010 – Celebrate Summer Theme, Mystery Workshop


THEMED OPEN MYK: Loving the sun, the florals, the leaves, the beach, the fact that SCHOOL IS OUT? (Or maybe not loving it that much….  Summer is the theme!

Mysterious WORKSHOP: There will be a workshop by Lisa Marie!  We don’t know what she’s planning.  We love a surprise…


Great job Lisa Marie!



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April 21, 2010 – Workshop “the Seventeen” & Open Myk

Workshop conducted by host Mark McGuire-Schwartz:

Mark Mcguire-Schwartz

The Seventeen Writing Workshop: The Seventeen is a brand new poetic form cooked up by that wild guy to the left. <—- It is so new, in fact, that it is still in development. Workshop attendees will learn about some of the characteristics of 17’s, and how to write a one. If you are coming and wish to participate bring the following items with you: • Paper & pen, • Scraps of unfinished poems, • Old lines that were cut from poem but still have some serviceable life in them, • Some notes on things that you’ve been thinking about lately, • Some jottings about things that amuse, • Scribbles about things that annoy or anger, • Dreams, • or whatever.

Still wondering why you should attend this workshop?

Here are the top 17 reasons:

17. It will provide a fresh approach to writing that will enhance any poetry that you write!
16. You missed a chance to the first man on the moon. This may be your last best chance to be a pioneer!
15. So much more complete than a 14!
14. It will give insight to some of what goes into writing avant garde poetry!
13. It will open new avenues of approach to writing poetry by providing new ways to examine a subject.
12. Hey! You never know! It just might be something . . .
11. Stevens found 13 ways to look at a Blackbird. Just 13, my dear Wallace? I scoff!
10. So much more concise than a 19!
9. You did not have the opportunity to be one of the first people to write a sonnet, or a haiku, or a villanelle. Hmmmmmmm . . .
8. It’s crazy! It makes no sense!
7. Limerick writers, break out of those humdrum days and dreary nights slaving over rhymes for Nantucket!
6. Haven’t you ever wanted to write in a form that is the square root of 289?
5. Maybe it will be raining that day!
4. Workshop attendees will get a significant price break on the first book of 17s, when it is published later this year.
3. It’s fun!
2. Hey, your taxes are done; What better do you have to do?
1. It just may be the way to world peace!


You should have been there! We had fun with this!

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